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Usual June release date estimation, story, and trailers

Uncover the darkest secrets your town can muster and fight all kinds of mysterious evil in Usual June, here’s our estimate of the release date.

Usual June release date: a woman leans against a tombstone in a cemetary, reading a book. It looks like a pleasant day.

When is the Usual June release date? It’s going to be the best summer ever. Most kids hang out with friends, go to the beach, and maybe even get a part-time job to fund their break from school. Well, June isn’t like most kids – she’ll spend her summer break sleuthing, battling, and generally being a supernatural superstar.

Whatever happens, it isn’t going to be your usual June. Geddit? Like, the name of the gam- never mind. This third-person action-adventure game blends exploration, combat, and a lovely-looking animation style as our hero, June, looks to dig up the mysteries of her town and have a bit of a run-in with the end of the world. Here’s everything we know about Usual June, including a release date estimate, the story, and the trailers.

Usual June release date: two people converse in front of a cork board dotting with pins.

Usual June release date estimation

Usual June will be released sometime in 2025. The Steam page for Usual June simply states 2025 as the planned release date, with no indication of whether it would go into early access initially, or go straight to full release.

Call us cheesy if you will, but if it doesn’t come out in June 2025, then the developer is missing a trick. Usual June, a game about a rather unusual June, released in June. A June triple threat.

We know that Usual June will be released on Steam, but it is unclear which other platforms the action-adventure game will appear on. Judging by the game’s impressive visuals, we doubt Usual Jane will launch on the Nintendo Switch, but there’s a good chance it could come to PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox Series X|S.

Usual June release date: a woman stands in a graffiti-covered hallways, bathed in green light.

Usual June story

It was supposed to be a quiet summer break, apparently. Instead, June will be using her time to investigate her town’s darkest secrets, hanging out with her friends, both alive and dead, and trying to save existence itself. A fairly tall order, if you ask us, especially when she also has to contend with her parents fielding constant questions about her future.

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Usual June trailers

There’s only one trailer so far, but it sets the tone of Usual June perfectly and gives us a taste of the setting and combat system. In the trailer, June is reading a book when she is taken by surprise by some form of spectral being. Turns out, this otherworldly creature is a friend; they’re both sucked into a portal, which is when the fun, and fight, begins.

That’s everything we know about Usual June right now. If you’re desperate for a fix of the supernatural, check out our list of best ghost games here, or if you want something truly excellent to sink your teeth into, our list of the best PC games should have something on there for every taste.