New V Rising update adds multi-floored castles, spooky Gloomrot zone

The first big V Rising update, Secrets of Gloomrot, finally adds multi-tiered castles to the vampire survival game, as well as a new zone with fresh resources.

The first of three big V Rising updates has arrived: Secrets of Gloomrot. Accompanied by multi-tier castles and a whole new zone brimming with fresh resources and fearsome foes, the vampire survival game just got even better.

Secrets of Gloomrot is one of three planned updates for Stunlock’s survival adventure, and focuses around, well, the Gloomrot, an all-new zone teeming with creepy creatures.

V Rising Gloomrot zone

The Gloomrot zone is located to the north of the Dunley Farmlands, and is divided into Gloomrot North and Gloomrot South. Coming in at roughly the same size as the Farmlands, it’s described as “a land of equal parts filth, ambition, brilliance, and madness,” and characterised by its “polluted valleys and lightning-scorched highlands.”

Our foes are mutated experiments and mechanical menaces, but sucking the blood of the area’s twisted geniuses will grant you new technology and thrust Vardoran into its own industrial revolution.

A circular map with different locations bordered by a silver compass and a castle

V Rising gets multi-story castles

For building enthusiasts like me, though, the new multi-tier castle system is the real headliner of this update. Stunlock has added actual staircases (beforehand you simply had to build them on ramps) and these are key to accessing higher levels.

These staircases cannot be destroyed when your castle comes under siege, and their railings will protect you from projectiles if you do happen to upset the wrong people.

You’ll be able to create a castle that’s three stories high, but that’s an awful lot of stairs to climb. Thankfully, the devs have also added in small teleporters to help you get around. You’ll have to obtain the recipe to craft them, and they’ll go offline when you’re under siege – so maybe don’t try to use them as an escape route.

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There are also some updates to weapons (that greatsword is coming friends!) as well as new enemies, spells, trading posts, and the jewel system that will allow you to upgrade your spells.

loved V Rising when it dropped last year, but it has fallen to the wayside in light of new, shiny releases. This update makes me want to dive back in, though. The new zone sounds right up my street, and I could happy wile away the hours building new towering castles and customising them to suit my gothic aesthetic. I want to uncover the Secrets of Gloomrot – and I can’t wait to explore.

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