The best V Rising base locations

Learn about the best places to build your V Rising base and which areas give you easy access to valuable crafting resources in the late game

Best V Rising base locations - A vampire is standing in front of his castle heart, housed in a chamber lit with torches and filled with statues.

Want to know where the best V Rising base locations are? You could just build your maleficent manor in Farbane Woods and leave it at that, but since you’re going to be spending a lot of time gathering materials in this vampire-themed crafting game – and there aren’t many rare resources in the starting area – you’d be better off picking a better location to ensure you’re not too far from your base when daylight interrupts your feasting and foraging.

The best V Rising base locations are near to valuable materials, so keep an eye out for bandit camps so you can command your V Rising servants to raid them for loot. Keep in mind that if you’re playing on a V Rising server with other people, picking the best V Rising base locations is much trickier than in a private game. Everyone is trying to grab some sweet real estate, so constructing your castle requires a bit of extra thought.

To help you find the best V Rising base locations, we’ve found three areas where we recommend you move your castle. We also have some tips to ensure you secure the best plot of land if you’re playing on a server with lots of other players.

Here are the best V Rising base locations:

  • Dunley Farmlands
  • Silverlight Hills
  • Cursed Forest

The two best V Rising base locations for Dunley Farmlands marked on a map

Dunley Farmlands

This is the best location to build your base as its central location is equidistant from both Silverlight Hills, where you can easily find silver, and the Cursed Forest, where you can mine iron. There are a couple of useful spots to look out for in the Dunley Farmlands, which are marked on the map above.

The map marker on the left is for a secluded hilltop base that’s located right in the centre of the map. This spot is relatively safe as any intruders will be funneled through one tiny entrance. On the first level of the hill you can mine resources from two stone veins, while the surrounding area boasts stables, fishing spots, multiple farms and villages, and a waygate.

The map marker on the right is also quite safe as it’s on the top level of a hill. The benefit of this spot is that the top of the hill is very spacious, meaning you can eventually build a massive castle. There’s an abandoned farm to the south that’s full of loot and scarecrows, a militia camp to the west that’s full of loot chests, and a big village to the north.

The two best V Rising base locations for Silverlight Hills marked on a map

Silverlight Hills

If you’d rather focus on gathering silver, this location towards the far west of the map is filled to the brim with valuable metals. This is particularly handy as holding silver damages you over time, so being close to the source saves you some pain.

The map marker on the left is one of the most popular late game castle spots in the game. With the sprawling Brighthaven to the south and the Sacred Silver Mine to the east, this is a perfect spot for farming rare resources and loot. As it’s tucked away in the corner of Silverlight Hills with only a couple of access points, it’s pretty safe, too. Plus, there’s a lot of building space, so you won’t be confined to a hilltop hovel.

The map marker on the right is safe and spacious as well, but isn’t quite as well connected to Silverlight Hill’s best loot spots. Instead, you can mine plenty of minerals to the east and south, or hop down the cliff to the west to explore the outskirts of the Sacred Silver Mine.

A great V Rising base location for the Cursed Forest, marked on a map

Cursed Forest

This area, located in the very northeast of the map, gives you easy access to iron and is pretty well isolated – perfect if you want to get away from other players and build a stronghold undisturbed.

There’s only one spot in the Cursed Forest that we’re recomending, and it’s located very far away in the northeast of the map. To the west you’ll find a spider cave, which is a superb spot for farming silk, while there’s an ancient village full of loot to the south. There’s even a cave passage nearby that’ll drop you out in the north of the Dunley Farmlands, in case you need to escape the doom and gloom of the Cursed Forest.

How to pick the best spot for your V Rising base

In addition to picking one of the areas above, here are some other things to consider when choosing precisely where to plonk your base:

  • You’re probably not going to claim the absolute best location in each area when joining an active server, as plenty of other players will have already claimed those spots – don’t sweat the decision too much.
  • Since other players can destroy your castle on PvP servers, a good way to keep your base relatively safe is to build it in an area where high-level enemies spawn. Stone golems and treants are the Dobermanns of V Rising.
  • Pay attention to the build area when placing your V Rising castle heart as it tells you roughly how much space you have to work with when expanding your castle.
  • If you can, try to build close to one of the teleporters as you can use them to get to faraway places with ease.
  • Keep an eye out for castles in prime locations that are in a state of disrepair. If you can sneak in and destroy the castle heart, you can build your new home on the remains of your rival’s fortress.

Best V Rising base locations - a vampire is standing outside of his castle. The door is open.

And those are the best V Rising base locations. While you are making your base, be sure to create a paddock for your V Rising horse. Upgrading your gear is essential in this vampire game, so check out our guides on making V Rising leather and V Rising whetstone to help you get these refined materials.