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V Rising server wipes are coming, as patch 0.4.5 rolls out today

V Rising will now include an option for players to schedule wipes for servers that they own, as patch 0.4.5 provides a variety of updates and changes

V Rising, Stunlock Studios’ vampire survival game, will now allow players the option to schedule and perform server wipes, as patch 0.4.5 arrives today, also bringing bug fixes and minor improvements.

Players will be able to schedule server wipes on servers that they own and operate. These will be optional, and will not feature on V Rising’s official PvP or PvE servers. Servers that have scheduled wipes active will display a special icon on the server list, so players can be aware of the pending wipe before they enter. There will also be a display added which shows the number of days remaining until the next wipe, and players will be able to use a filter in the search to either exclude or include wipe-enabled servers.

Only new servers created after patch 0.4.5 will be able to activate the scheduled wipes, and although V Rising will not include any official wipe-enabled servers immediately, Stunlock says it will open official servers with the wipe feature in the “near future”.

0.4.5 will also fix a bug where servers crash when players are using directional shields and counters, and will make it possible for players to use DLC content, like the Dracula’s Relic and Founders’ packs, while in LAN mode. In slightly less technical news, the patch will also make clouds in V Rising less blurry. Isn’t that sweet?

The patch rolls out between 1 and 2PM Central European Time, or 6 and 7AM if you’re on the United States’ east coast. The old, unpatched version of the game will then become incompatible with the updated servers, meaning that in order to continue playing V Rising, you must download 0.4.5.

Server wipes, which reset players’ abilities and gears, and are designed to prevent small numbers of players becoming overpowered, to the exclusion of new arrivals, have long been rumoured to arrive in V Rising, with the game’s community divided about whether they are necessary.

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“I don’t get why this feature is so in demand,” writes one V Rising player, Hipky, in response to the announcement of patch 0.4.5. “Why play for three weeks building your castle and establishing your presence, then go back to level one again. Constant restart is tiring.”

“Server wipes are a must for V Rising,” writes another player, CaterpillarFew4809, in a long-standing Reddit discussion. “I’ve seen multiple people refund because they loaded into a server and couldn’t play because every base spot was taken. If you have a spot, cool, but new players don’t even get a chance.”

Stunlock Studios has provided a link where players can provide feedback on V Rising, its latest patch, and upcoming features.