Valheim is getting armour stands

Valheim armour stands will soon cease to be an area for modders alone

A Valheim player checks out a line of armour stands

Valheim lets you craft armour. Valheim lets you craft bases. Valheim does not, however, let you craft armour stands so that you can actually display all your gear at your homestead. That’s been a popular project for modders, but it seems an official solution is on the way, as the developers have been teasing it through social media.

“Been working on a little something for you,” Iron Gate’s Jonathan Smårs says on Twitter, “just make sure you’re on Santa’s nice list this year! Not final but hope you like it so far!” You can see the attached video below, but it shows a Valheim character equipping a range of armour stands with various gear sets.

There appear to be separate slots for head, chest, leg, cape, and held item gear, so you can show off your best swords and shields as part of a full gear set. Hopefully Smårs’ remark about Santa’s list means we can expect this update to land in time for Christmas.

Major Valheim updates have been pretty few and far between, but the devs have been putting out smaller patches with more minor additions with a fair amount of regularity. A new armour set was added just last week, and we’ve also seen plenty of seasonal additions to the game.

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