Valheim crystal – where to find crystal shards for weapons and walls

Looking for crystal shards in Valheim? Here's where to find them and what they do

A Viking standing next to a crystal wall in Valheim

Thanks to the Hearth and Home update, you can now put your crystal in Valheim to good use. The Hearth and Home update adds many changes to the game, including gold coin stacks, an obliterator, weapon and food rebalancing, and even new building materials.

Although crystal has been in Valheim from the get go, we’ve never been able to use it until now – instead it’s been growing dust in an unmarked chest in the corner of our great hall. Now we can use it to create 1×1 crystal walls, which are very pretty, see-through, and mostly decorative.

We can also create a fairly lethal crystal battleaxe that tears through enemies with an added Spirit ability – this battleaxe can be crafted at a forge for ten crystal shards, 30 silver, and 40 ancient bark (it looks like we’re heading back to the Swamp). Here’s where you can find crystal shards in Valheim to forge the powerful battleaxe and add to your building repertoire with see-through walls.

Where to find crystal in Valheim

To get your hands on crystal, you need to head to the Mountains and find and fight stone golems, which drop crystal shards once defeated. At least stone golems have a purpose in Valheim now, opposed to just being tough and annoying.

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The good news is, you probably won’t have to look far for stone golems; they have a habit of finding you – if you are having trouble finding them, though, they appear as a pile of rubble in the snow, usually higher up near the peak with a few drakes or wolves nearby. Be sure to wrap up warm for your expedition with the best Valheim armour.

That’s where to find crystal in Valheim. For more on Valheim – here’s how to tame animals in Valheim, and a building guide for extra tips. If you need more silver to forge your crystal battleaxe, here’s how to use a wishbone in Valheim.