Valheim update adds Frost Cave dungeons stuffed with loot

The Viking game's Mountain biome now has a new instanced dungon that's filled with undiscovered enemies and crafting materials you can use to craft new gear

A Valheim player stumbles across a new ice cave

Iron Gate has filled Valheim’s Mountain biome with even more ways to face baddies and snag loot. The new update for the Viking game adds Frost Cave dungeons that are stuffed with familiar and undiscovered foes alongside crafting materials you can use to create a new weapon, armour, and building items.

The Mountain update’s new Frost Caves are instanced dungeons that work similarly to the Black Forest’s Burial Chambers or the Swamps’ Sunken Crypts. You won’t find Frost Caves in set locations, though there’s a solid chance you’ll stumble across one when you see a new stretch of land on a snowy mountain.

If you do venture into one of them, you’ll face wolves, cultists, and bats on your way to collecting the red jute, fenring hair, and fenring claw crafting items. Those materials can be used to create a fenring-themed armour set, a new weapon called Flesh Rippers, and some more build pieces – such as the red jute carpet, red jute curtain, and standing brazier. There’s also a new enemy event. While Iron Gate is keeping its cards close to its chest regarding what it’ll involve, it’ll imminently follow the words “you stirred the cauldron” being plastered across the screen.

“We wanted to flesh out the Mountain biome a lot more,” says Iron Gate Studio co-founder Henrik Törnqvist. “The goal was to give mountains a similar challenge in close quarters to what players can find in the Swamps and the Black Forest, as well as a chance to square off against new feral enemies. You might have noticed a couple of fenrings stalking the peaks at night, but did you ever think about where they go when the dawn comes?”

One of Valheim's fenring enemies

Alongside the Mountain biome’s new content, you’ve also got quality-of-life changes, Steam Deck improvements, and gamepad support. You can read the full patch notes here.

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The sixth and next biome Iron Gate is adding to Valheim will be The Mistlands. There will be new enemies to tackle, resources to acquire, and another boss to face. We don’t have a release date yet, though you can keep tabs on the popular Steam Early Access game’s upcoming content in our Valheim roadmap guide.