Valheim update shows off various Ashlands weapons concepts

A Valheim update from developer Iron Gate Studio shows off several Ashlands weapons concepts that the team is considering for the survival game’s next biome.

Valheim update - concept art for three Ashlands greatswords

Another Valheim update from developer Iron Gate Studio shows off some of the Ashlands weapons that it is considering for the Viking survival game. The Valheim Ashlands update is set to be the next biome that gets a full-scale implementation following the release of the Mistlands update, and the Valheim team says it is aiming to be more forthcoming with the development process to let fans know how things are shaping up.

As one of the first parts of this improved communication, the team shares some weapon concepts from lead artist Robin ‘Grimmcore’ Eyre that are being tested out, in order to get some fan impressions on the new designs. We get a look at some sword, axes, and a giant two-handed greatsword – along with a little tease at the end.

In an image shared on the Valheim Twitter page, the team shows off the concepts for Niedhögg, Slayer, and a pair of Berzerkr Axes. The first, Niedhögg, appears to be a fairly standard-looking straight sword, but with some rather spectacular visual effects in red, green, and blue variants. These are likely to be different elemental affinities – Ashlands is teased as “a land of the dead, as well as a place with quite a volcanic nature,” so there’s almost certainly going to be some mystical elements to follow on from those in the Mistlands.

Slayer appears to be a huge greatsword, which again comes in three variants: a volcanic, smoky red, a sickly, poisonous green, and one that crackles with blue lightning around its blade. Finally, the pair of matching Berzerkr Axes look to to be some manner of dual-wielded weapon, with the name implying that they should be used together for an all-out combat style.

Valheim Ashlands weapons concepts - artwork of three straight swords, three greatswords, and two hand axes for the survival game

Finally, there is a suspiciously blank space above the name ‘Eldner.’ The team asks fans on Twitter for “Any guesses as to what the mysterious Eldner might turn out to be” – so if you’ve got any ideas, be sure to throw them in the replies. Eyre notes also that because the Ashlands are in the preproduction phase, a lot may change for the full release but that the current designs are “just pushing stuff that I feel is cool and would be fun to play with within the bounds of what Valheim is.”

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the Valheim Ashlands as we hear more information. In the meantime, take a look at our Valheim progression guide if you’re just getting started, along with our best Valheim building tips for new and experienced players. We’ve also got more of the best co-op games on PC if you’re looking for more fun experiences to share with friends.