Valorant cheaters are becoming more blatant than ever for TikTok views

Valorant cheaters have always been an issue in Riot's FPS game, but a new TikTok cheat stream trend has players worried for the health of the competitive sphere

Alien-like model from Valorant's Ion 2.0 trailer

Like any FPS game, Valorant cheaters and bad actors are abound. However, the game’s competitive lobbies are still somewhat safe from shifty serial hackers. Thanks to Riot’s stringent ban system, blatant cheaters find it hard to continue their shenanigans for more than a day. But some are just too stubborn. Valorant content creator Chris ‘Flexinja’ Irvine has exposed a phantom who keeps haunting the competitive queues despite numerous bans.

Since cheating in Valorant isn’t easy, those who bypass the strict system are making content out of it. This particular type of content is the new meta on Valorant TikTok, and it’s pretty popular as few can fool Riot’s custom security software. Vanguard utilizes a kernel-mode driver responsible for aimbot detection and protection from cheats camouflaging as legitimate data. The high-level security results in minimal cheaters in Valorant, but some are too good at fooling the system. 

So, when Flexinja shared a short clip of a cheater, many claimed to have encountered the same person on their TikToks or in Valorant. 

The video in question is any Valorant fan’s worst nightmare. As if the Odin by itself wasn’t horrifying enough, the player also has wall hacks enabled. Enemies were exposed throughout the map, and the cheater would spam through walls. After demolishing four players in the spawn, the Sage cheater wrapped the round in an ace by drilling an enemy through the wall.

The short video was truly mortifying, leading to an instant ban for the account, but players aren’t too optimistic. Some revealed that this cheater had received multiple bans, but he keeps returning. Flexinja himself was concerned that this player would continue terrorizing lobbies by switching accounts. Unfortunately, other than a hardware ban, nothing else can stop this faceless cheater from plaguing Valorant competitive. 

This isn’t the first time a cheater is impressing malicious players on the internet. Most recently, another player went viral for streaming with hacks on TikTok. Cheat streams have become a new meta, and it’s not healthy for ranked Valorant queues. Hopefully, Riot will develop a solid solution for this one-of-a-kind issue. 

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