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Valorant economy guide: how it works

Here’s how Valorant’s buying system works


Interested in what Valorant’s economy has to offer? If you’re familiar with CS:GO and Overwatch, Riot’s recently revealed tactical shooter doesn’t feel a million miles from either. Especially, as Valorant borrows a lot from CS:GO’s economy, a way to purchase new gear between rounds. Here’s how it works.

Playing well in Valorant pays off, as you earn money to spend on getting better guns and replenishing your shields. You’ll be able to use a sidearm and a primary gun to contribute to your growing arsenal of Valorant weapons, which varies depending on which character you decide to play as – whether you want to hang back as a sniper, or go close range with shotguns and SMGs.

It’s not just weapons that you’ll need to purchase at the end of each round, the Valorant character abilities don’t automatically charge so you’ll need to purchase them between rounds, too. Here’s how the Valorant economy works including how much money you’ll need to progress.

Valorant economy explained

So, how much money can you earn from each round? Here’s a breakdown of the dollar you can rack up from kills, wins, and loses.

  • Round win – $3,000
  • One kill – $200
  • A loss – $1,900 – 2,900 depending on your lose streak

If the Valorant economy and the way to earn money has sold you on Riot’s FPS, you’ll be pleased to know there’s not long to wait until, with an upcoming Valorant beta, and news of the Valorant release date.