IRL Valorant Raze boombot is the best thing you’ll see today

The Valorant Raze boombot has its own separate fanbase, but this creative fan of Riot's FPS game took their love for 'Boomie' to a whole another level

IRL Valorant Raze boombot is the best thing you'll see today: A latina woman wearing a yellow cap backwards and huge pair of of yellow headphones looks into the camera

Valorant agents are equipped with cut-throat, deadly abilities, and then there’s Raze. The agent carries a criminally cute boombot with an ‘uWu’ smiley face stamped on the LED. However, don’t let the cuteness fool you; the boombot blows up as soon as it detects motion. Still, players can’t seem to resist it. For example, this fan of the FPS game brought the deadly machine to real life and named it ‘Boomie.”

Valorant fans are just as creative as the game’s virtual agents. A player named Danny Lum made hot-headed engineer Raze proud by whipping a fully-functional, cute boombot. Thankfully, it doesn’t blow up, but it sure detects motion and does a great job at scaring away unwanted visitors. Danny’s Boomie is a clone of the virtual bot, but it wasn’t easy to get the details right.

Danny has been working on Boomie for roughly six months now. At this point, their entire YouTube channel is dedicated to this genius product that looks and functions exactly like the virtual boombot.

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The first blueprint lacked a lot of features and was painted in the default blue colour. The 3D printed parts were glued together and attached with a shabby-looking neo-pixel screen, later replaced by a clean mini-LED.

The creator even copied the bouncing effect of boombot’s wheels by adding tiny springs. As a result, the massive speaker-like wheels do a little dance when Boomie is deployed. Upon activation, the LED screen lights up with Raze’s iconic smiley emote, hands down the best part. To get the mechanics right, Danny has installed a red sensor like Raze’s bot that sends signals to Arduino, the bot’s brain, upon inspecting solid objects. The collision detection is a bit rough, but it works just fine.

So, whenever the bot detects a wall, it doesn’t pause despite hitting it. While the process looks painfully complex, it was spray painting that Danny found genuinely daunting. However, he got every shade right to match Raze’s lively vibe. The final product is a real life version of boombot, Valorant’s cutest yet deadliest ability.

As he documented his adventure in video form, Danny has earned praise and love from the Valorant community during the past six months. But now fans are asking him to put Boomie up for sale. Whether Danny sells it or not, the tiny bot would surely cost a fortune.

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