Valve’s bringing a “flagship VR game” and a Portal-themed experience to Index

Aperture Hand Labs and something much bigger are both in the works for Index

We officially got details on the Valve Index just a few minutes ago, and now more information is pouring out on the VR headset. (If you haven’t seen the Index price yet, sit down and take a deep breath.) Now we’re hearing bits and pieces about software, and it looks like the company has big plans for games – though it’s being predictably cagey with the details on exactly what those games will be.

There will be a “flagship VR title” released this year for the Index and other Steam VR-compatible headsets, as Road to VR reports. We don’t know what that game will be, but we’re all hoping it’s that rumoured Half-Life prequel – even if it’s not Half-Life 3, we have to hope somebody at Valve still remembers that Half-Life exists.

More concretely, Valve is working with Cloudhead Games on something called Aperture Hand Labs. This title was demonstrated to outlets like UploadVR at a recent hands-on event, and it looks like a follow-up to The Lab – the Portal-themed VR collection that came alongside the HTC Vive.

Don’t expect Aperture Hand Labs to be a full Portal game. It seems to be more of a demonstration of the capabilities of the Index controllers, letting you shake hands with Aperture robots.

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Release info on Aperture Hand Labs is also limited, though. It appears too fully-featured to be a demo limited to hands-on events, but it remains to be seen how and when the general public will be able to get their hands on it.