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Half-Life: Alyx has done its job… Valve Index sells out in US and Canada

The Valve Index has sold out in the US and Canada, but there's still a chance to order one in time for Christmas

Valve Index Virtual Reality kit

The Valve Index has sold out in the US and Canada. It appears as though Half-Life: Alyx may be having its desired effect on the market, seemingly sending sales of Valve’s high-end PC VR headset soaring. Either that or holiday hype is through the roof and customers are buying up headsets regardless of Black Friday deals. Probably a bit of both.

So far it appears as though the Valve Index is only sold out in the US and Canada (via RoadToVR). If you are in either of the sparsely stocked regions, you can still order now for delivery before December 25. No need to do a Jingle All The Way if you haven’t picked one up for Christmas.

The Valve Index bundle, available via Steam, includes the headset, Valve Index Controllers (Knuckles Controller), two base stations, and Half-Life: Alyx – although you’ll have to wait until Half-Life: Alyx’s release date to play it. That will set you back $999. Otherwise, you can opt to ditch the base stations for $749, or all bar the headset and game for $499.

It appears as though Valve’s plan of spurring on sales with a flagship VR game worked. And what could be more convincing than the acclaimed, and often even revered, Half-Life series.

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The Valve Index also ranks among the greats as the best VR headset around right now. It’s pricey, but in return you get the best virtual reality experience money can buy without one of those ridiculous Assassin Creed-style harnesses.

The Index features dual RGB LCD screens with a 1440 x 1600 per eye resolution, each capable of up to a 144Hz refresh rate. From the off-ear speakers to the ergonomic construction, Valve surprisingly knocked it out the park with this one. And with Half-Life: Alyx on the way there’s more reason than ever for die-hard PC gamers to get into high-end PC VR. Here’s hoping Alyx’s story doesn’t disappoint.