Valve updates Steam store to bring PlayStation DualSense support

Steam users can now browse the Controller-Friendly hub on Steam specifically by PlayStation Dualsense or DualShock controller support.

Image of the outline of a PlayStation DualShock and DualSense controller on a pink and purple background.

Valve has given the Steam platform a due update, and has finally made finding DualSense compatible games on the platform a breeze. As of today, it’s easier than ever to filter out exactly what games are compatible with the DualSense, and its predecessor, the DualShock, so you know exactly what titles you can pick up and play with your favorite PlayStation controllers.

The PlayStation DualSense is one of the best PC controllers you can get your hands on, and its immersive haptic feedback and compatibility with the ever-growing range of PlayStation Studios titles on the PC platform, put it up there with even the best Xbox controllers. However, unlike the support for Xbox controllers that’s existed on the platform for quite some time, sifting through the vast Steam store to find DualSense-compatible titles was an arduous task until this brand-new update.

This latest Steam update has finally rectified those DualSense woes, by making it easier to sort and filter through the Steam store to find out exactly which PC games can be played with the PlayStation DualSense and PlayStation DualShock. The update brings an upgrade to the pre-existing ‘Controller-Friendly hub’, an area of Steam which lets you filter games based on your preferred controller.

Each store page now also lists if a game has PlayStation DualSense or DualShock support, under the sidebar controller support menu, which was previously reserved for Xbox controllers. The general search function on the platform also now enables you to narrow your search results by your preferred controller.

Some existing games in your Steam library may see an improvement too, with a new compatibility section letting you know exactly what previously used controllers you can pick up to carry on your adventures. If you’ve been using an Xbox wireless controller to play The Last of Us on Steam, for instance, but have used a DualSense to play other titles, it’ll let you know that your DualSense controller is compatible too.

While keyboard and mouse still dominate game input on Steam, Valve has stated that the reasoning for these updates was to cater to the ever-growing number of people who prefer to use a controller on the platform. In its Steam community news post, Valve says it found that around 12% of active players on Steam prefer to use a controller, with as much as 80% of players of some sports games preferring to use one over a typical mouse and keyboard setup. Meanwhile, in the past year alone, 27% of three billion game sessions involved using PlayStation controllers, so there’s no doubt why Valve would want to cater to that player base.

Not every game is compatible with the PlayStation DualSense, or DualShock, and not every compatible game is developed with some of the coolest features of the DualSense, like its haptic feedback, in mind. However, this bolstering of support for more controllers is just another indication of why Steam is such a valuable gaming platform, and hopefully a sign of more support to come.

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