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Valve's Steam Controller can now be pre-ordered on Steam

Steam Controller pre-order

Valve’s ugly, but potentially nifty, Steam Controllers are now available for pre-order on Steam and through various retailers. While the official launch isn’t until November, a limited quantity will be shipped the month before to those who pre-order the curious hybrid controllers. 

Direct your eyes below to watch disembodied hands control games like Cities: Skylines and The Witcher 3. 

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The Steam Controllers boast low-latency, wireless performance; customisable dual trackpads that apparently simulate the precision of a trackball, adaptive centreing joystick and a steering wheel; HD haptics for every input, from the triggers to the trackpad; and dual-stage triggers with a digital click at the end of the pull. 

Take a gander at the full hardware specs over at the Steam store page

A Steam Controller will set you back £39.99/$49.99, and you can also pre-order a bundle that comes with the Steam Link, Valve’s streaming device, for £79.98/$99.98. 

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subedii avatar
subedii Avatar
2 Years ago

I actually think the controller looks OK now. I mean I wasn't as enthused with the early looks, but this looks decent, and I'm glad they've got a thumbstick on there as well.


Also, caveat for those purchasing: That price does not include shipping to the UK. I'm wondering whether it'll be available in game stores.