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Bullet hell Vampire Survivor-like is free to grab if you’re fast

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a bullet hell frenzied survival roguelite that you can pick up on EGS for a limited time, but you gotta be quick.

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20 Minutes Till Dawn is one of those indie gems that most players will likely miss, but if you’re a fan of Vampire Survivors, this one might be worth putting on your radar. Luckily, you can get a free copy of 20 Minutes Till Dawn for a limited time to see if it’s your cup of tea, but you’ll have to snatch it up fast.

The Epic Games Store has revealed 20 Minutes Till Dawn, a Vampire Survivor-styled roguelite, as its latest free game that users can download on the platform. The survival game will be available to scoop up until Wednesday, January 3 at 10:00 am EST. Frankly, it’s not too much of a bargain since the roguelite regularly costs $4.99, but who doesn’t like free stuff?

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In 20 Minutes Till Dawn, you select a character from a diverse cast and slowly mold together a build of weapons, runes, and unique abilities to overcome the Lovecraftian creatures during the night. Outlasting them unlocks newer stages and additional tools to cleave down foes, such as a shotgun, lightning rain, magical spears, and many more. 

As you’d expect, the whole appeal of 20 Minutes Till Dawn is actively building and experimenting, and it helps that the game is just as approachable as the vampire-themed trend starter.

20 Minutes Till Dawn also has this twin-stick shooter vibe going for it that demands a bit of expertise and finesse, making for a challenging yet fun loop between you and swarms of enemies. Players on Steam echo this in their reviews, highlighting 20 Minutes Till Dawn is “a joyful experience” and has “simple but solid gameplay.”

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