Here are the Thinblood abilities coming to Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2's starting disciplines will be anything but dull, offering three unqiue playstyle options.

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Paradox has unveiled the first abilities for Thinbloods in Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, alongside a dose of lore. Players can look forward to gliding through the air, using telekinesis, and vanishing into the darkness.

As the new trailer explains, Thinbloods are second-class citizens in the vampire world. Weak and universally despised, they’re far from the most glamorous clan, but its through them players will be introduced to the game.

Paradox has taken inspiration from the tabletop RPG when it comes to Thinblood disciplines, which will act as a base for more powerful late game builds. At the start of the story, players will be able to choose between three disciplines: Chiropteran, Mentalism, and Nebulation, each holding a unique strength.

Chiropterans will take the form of a fairly classic vampire, taking the bat obsession to the extreme. Their first ability, Glide, will let them float in the air for a short period, swooping down on NPCs or reaching difficult areas. Meanwhile, Bat Swarm is exactly as it sounds, calling furry friends to harass enemies or later acting as swirling bodyguards.

The Nebulation discipline will clearly call to stealthy players. Mist Shroud both makes you harder to see and quiets your footsteps. You’ll also be able to use it pass through small gaps or choke enemies. Envelope takes those attacks to a new level, creating a tornado of mist that blinds and chokes enemies.

Finally, Mentalism will allow for a much less subtle playthrough. You’ll be able to pull inanimate objects, including weapons, through the air, as well as suspend your enemies in the air. At higher strengths, Paradox says you’ll be able to pick up whole groups of NPCs and throw them around.

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The bottom line is Thinbloods will be pretty cool, despite being the runts of the Vampire litter. As players progress, they’ll be adopted into one of the five major Kindred clans, which will open all kinds of new builds.

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Paradox says the open-minded Seattle setting means less discrimination from Kindred, but it’s yet to reveal much else about them. Players will have to wait a little longer for details, with discipline information promised in the coming weeks.