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New Vampire Bloodlines trademark spotted - let that sink in

Vampire Bloodlines

We could be in for a resurrection. A new trademark has been filed by White Wolf for ‘Vampire Bloodlines’, renewing hopes that they’re planning a follow-up to cult RPG Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

For now, sink your teeth into our list of PC’s best RPGs.

Back in October, ‘Vampire: the Masquerade’ was trademarked for computer game software, and ‘Vampire Bloodlines’ got the same treatment recently, as uncovered by a poster on the RPGCodex forums.

The trademark was filed on April 26, 2016, byWhite Wolf Publishing AB. It seems like White Wolf are securing the IP in its various forms either simply to protect the IP, or perhaps because they’re actively working, or are considering working, on a sequel.

If it does happen, hopefully this one actually works without unofficial patches.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is a stone cold classic, and that mission where you walk around a haunted mansion gets under your skin as much today as it did back then. If you can be bothered to mess about a bit, it’s well worth a revisit.

Who here wants another game set in that world? And what would you want from it? Let us know in that blank space for your thoughts down there. To be honest, I’d even take a remaster.