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Cobbles, bad cockney accents and moonlight dominate Vampyr’s Darkness Within trailer

Vampyr Gameplay Demo

You know when you’re trying to diet and someone keeps buying your favourite biscuits? (Chocolate hobnobs, fyi). That’s how it must feel all the time for Jonathan Reid, a vampire and doctor who’s constantly surrounded by tasty cadavers. 

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The trailer embedded above sets the scene for Vampyr, the next game from Life is Strange studio DontNod. The game takes players to a plague-infected London, where they play as the pointy-toothed Reid, a vampire physician.

He’ll be helping the people of England’s capital while also trying to keep his thirst for human blood at bay. Well, that’s down to you, actually. One of the main draws of this RPG is how it lets players choose what kind of character they want to be.

What isn’t optional though, is bad British accents. The trailer is absolutely full of them and they’re all Tracer-levels of terrible, but in a non-ironic way. Have a watch.