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Vampyr webseries shows off new gameplay and haunting music in episode two

Vampyr killing

The second in its four-part webseries, ‘Episode Two – Architects of the Obscure’, gives us another sneak peek at the creative process behind Dontnod’s Vampyr, as well as some fresh new gameplay. 

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Architects of the Obscure discusses the four distinct districts of London you will explore in Vampyr, as well as the differences between the people you will be interacting with in each location; getting rough and dirty with criminals in the East End, or walking with the respect of your peers in Pembroke Hospital.

Episode Two then hands the mic to the game’s composer, Olivier Deriviere, who gives us the lowdown. Deriviere explains how the score helps breathe life into London, and simultaneously represents protagonist Jonathan E. Reid’s inner struggle with his new vampiric powers. Architects of the Obscure finishes off with a haunting performance from the cello soloist Eric-Maria Couturier.

If this taster has left you hungry for more Vampyr, episode one is available to watch here. And if your thirst is still not quenched, worry not – episode three is scheduled for release Thursday with the web series finale, episode four on February 8.