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Vampyr needs to sell a million to be "considered a success," and no DLC is planned

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Vampyr is an RPG about wrestling with vampiric powers and the moral quandaries they present, and is due early next year. It’s also an example of what I once heard called an ‘A-grade’ game - a mid-budget title sitting between indie and triple-A. Cédric Lagarrigue, president of publishers Focus Home Interactive, has spoken with MCV about what that means from a business standpoint.

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Lagarrigue accepts that it's difficult to make sales forecasts with a new IP, but is confident that - with its current recognition - Vampyr “has everything it needs to become a nice surprise on the market.”

From Focus's perspective, “it will be considered a success when around a million copies are sold, but it will only need half of that to be profitable. These are numbers we now reach and exceed regularly with most of our games.”

It sounds ambitious for a game of Vampyr's scale, but its chances are helped by it being a multi-platform release. Focus's publishing history is on PC, but Lagarrigue says “consoles have actually been weighing more than PC for a few years now. Our PC revenue is constantly increasing, but we now achieve 70 percent of our global revenue on consoles. Our development budgets have increased a lot, and almost all our games are now multi-platform.”

If you've been following industry news since the big publishers released their latest quarterly earnings, you'll know that digital content and microtransactions are all the rage at the top end of the market. If this trend nauseates you, as it does many gamers, you'll be relieved to hear there are no such plans for Vampyr: 

“This is a purely solo experience; we did not plan DLC. We would prefer, if the reception of the game justifies it, to think about a sequel. We and [developers] Dontnod already have some ideas, as there’s so many incredible things to offer in such a universe.” 

You can check out the full interview on MCV, or find out more about Vampyr on its Steam page. Pre-orders are live now and will get you 10% off its price of £44.99 or $49.99. 

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cpt.fantastic avatarDrenzul avatarDrenegade avatar
Drenzul Avatar
5 Months ago

I was thinking the same as Cpt. Fantastic TBH....

A lot of their games I've played have been bug ridden, many of the bugs which were never fixed despite been major game-play altering/breaking factors and to be honest didn't have a heck of a lot of character.

Not something I would think people are going to rush out and buy, particularly at that price, maybe when it goes on 50%+ sale I'll think about it.... but who really wants a point and click game? You can do the whole puzzle RPG side and still have the combat system that is present in lots of RPGs.....

Seems distinctly half-arsed like many other Focus Interactive's games.

cpt.fantastic Avatar
5 Months ago

To be honest most of their games are mediocre at best: Forgettable fantasy games Styx and Silverfall, Farming simulator and Blood bowls etc. Some companies just don't seem to have any idea what people want to play. Or what's fun for that matter.

Nothing in that Vampyr game makes me go "wow, I gotta play that thing". More like "this looks like a eastern europe sherlock gone vampire in a point and click adventure". I mean mixed signals.

Drenegade Avatar
5 Months ago

The game literally has pre-order DLC that, according to the Steam page, will become available for purchase after release. A dumb lie and something that this site could have discovered with 2 seconds of using google. Isn't it your job to look critically at press releases? Or is this an advertisement that isn't marked as such?