Van Helsing Jr. has another Incredible Adventure on April 17th

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 out April 17th

Whether it was my love of wide-brimmed hats or my dream of having a ghost chum that engendered me towards The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, I can’t say for sure, but it really sunk its monstrous claws into me.  

Neocore’s action RPG had more than hats and ghosts, of course. Deep character progression; compelling, varied combat encounters with interesting monsters; the curious juxtaposition of cheeky comedy and grim horror – there’s a lot to recommend it. So its upcoming sequel, due out on April 17th, is worth keeping an eye out for.


The sequel builds on the foundations of the original game, once again pitting Van Helsing Jr. and his spectral chum Katarina against hordes of monsters in the gothic land of Borgovia.

Tweaks have been made to the Rage mechanic, however; crafting his been expanded with fragments that can be turned into magical runes; and the tower defence mini-game, which appeared in the tail end of the first game, has been fleshed out. Three classes are also planned, instead of the single class with multiple builds in the first game, and there’s a slew of new skills, unique loot and power-ups.

If you pre-order the vampire and general monster hunter’s next outing, you’ll get into the closed beta to boot.