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Verdun due out this summer: trench foot is the least of your worries

Verdun update

It’s strange that, despite our collective obsession with war, particularly ones of the world-encompassing variety, gaming hasn’t explored The Great War in the same way it has with World War 2, and certainly not outside of the strategy genre. 

So Verdun looks like something a little different: squad-based trench warfare during the First World War. It’s dirty, loud and looks rather miserable, so it’s hitting all the right notes for a game covering this particularly horrible period. And it’s due out this summer and the beta has just been updated with the grim Flanders map. Take a gander below.

Having entirely forgotten everything I learned of the French language in High School and not speaking a lick of German, I certainly look forward to not having a blooming clue what anyone on the battlefield is saying. Unless they’re from Blighty, of course. I do appreciate a bit of language authenticity, though.

Verdun boasts a dynamic front line, presumably involve heroic leaps over trenches and across No Man’s Land, which sounds absolutely horrifying. A few of us PCGN chaps are going to take it for a spin and see what trouble we can get ourselves in. Rob knows the War better than I, so I’ll be taking my cues from him.