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Castle Drachenfels and its dark depths come to Vermintide with a free Steam weekend

Vermintide Drachenfels DLC

Rat Ogre blaster and party-based fantasy FPS Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide has expanded again with the addition of a new DLC pack, bringing three new levels with their own set of unique features and weapons. This comes along with patch 1.3, which includes a number of bug fixes and feature tweaks, and a free Steam weekend for all.

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This being the modern world instead of a rat-infested hellscape on the edge of apocalypse, all this has a trailer:

Vermintide manages to be a lot of things at once – particularly action and horror. Drachenfels pushes it towards the latter, because the former is so well accounted for by the actual gameplay. The included weapons are a Glaive for the Wood Elf Waywatcher and a Volley Crossbow for the Witch Hunter.

Outside the DLC, here’s the highlights of the feature changes and bug fixes:

  • Redesigned Lobby Browser
  • Chat can now be disabled: Notifications such as Player Joined, Left etc will still be shown
  • Updated automatic hardware detection in launcher
  • Fixed a huge number of crashes

Full details over on the official update page. If you give it a shot on Steam and find you’re quite a fan, it’s also 40% off this weekend to $17.99 / £13.79 / €16.79. That does’t come with any of the DLC, which is defiantly full price when bought separately, but will only set you back just under another $12 / £8 / €12 if you grab it all.