Get 70% off PureVPN’s one-year VPN tier to protect your privacy

If you aren't using a VPN when browsing the internet, maybe today's the day to get one, because PureVPN currently has 70% off its one-year plan

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If you don’t have a virtual private network (VPN), then you may have the digital equivalent of very public nudity (VPN), because all of your internet activity might not be totally secure. Thankfully, you can protect your privacy quite easily (and affordably) with 70% off PureVPN’s one-year VPN plan.

Of course, it’s easy to question just how ‘private’ your VPN provider really is, but have no fear. PureVPN is keen to live up to the purity in its name, commissioning annual third-party audits to confirm that it’s truly a no-logs VPN that doesn’t keep tabs on customers and it really is giving you privacy.

As well as protecting your online privacy, VPNs have a ton of other benefits, including the ability to access region-locked content for games and streaming services, and a reduction in lag and ping times for smoother gaming.

PureVPN is one of our picks for the best VPN for gaming and streaming,  because it also allows you to access content that isn’t normally available in your region. With more than 6,500 servers to choose from across 140 countries, and compatibility with Netflix, Disney Plus, and more, PureVPN opens the door to new worlds of entertainment. Well, new countries, but you know what we meant.

Get the deal

At 70% off, this works out as just $3.24 a month. You pay $38.95 now (rather than $131.40), and then don’t need to worry about internet privacy again for a whole year. After that time, it’ll go up to $53.95 a year (or $4.50 a month) if you decide to keep using it as your provider.

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