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Very Positive Steam RPG gets huge update, increases players by 227%

Wandering Sword, a Final Fantasy and Sea of Stars style retro RPG, just received a huge bump in Steam players with its new free update.

Very Positive Steam RPG boosts player count with update: A cartoon man and woman, from Wandering Sword.

Wandering Sword makes a strong first impression. The retro style RPG has the pixellated look of an old Final Fantasy game or more recent throwbacks like Sea of Stars and Chained Echoes, but its setting is quite different. Instead of the usual medieval Europe inspired fantasy worlds, Wandering Sword takes place in a version of ancient China as filtered through martial arts Wuxia movies. Now, new players are flocking to check out its unique spin on the genre for themselves. Thanks to a massive free update, the game is garnering fresh attention, with its Steam player count jumping by 227%.

The RPG game has just received a major update, called Southern Chronicles, that brings a ton of new features to Wandering Sword. While the base game already featured multiple endings meant to entice players into returning to its tale of martial arts heroism multiple times, its update adds even more to the experience.

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Most substantial among these additions is a new story segment that introduces more enemies and allies to meet and locations to explore throughout Nanjiang. Wandering Sword has also been given a new range of difficulties to help players get more or less of a challenge out of its combat systems and, to further incentivize multiple playthroughs, a New Game Plus mode that provides a form of in-game currency used to unlock equipment and skills carried over from a prior run.

As a result of this sizable update, Wandering Sword’s player count has been boosted significantly on Steam, increasing by 227% in the last 24 hours and climbing today (Thursday March 14) to its one day peak.

Retro RPG hit player numbers increased: A chart showing Wandering Sword's increased player count.

You can grab a discounted copy of Wandering Sword for 12% off ($21.99 / £18.47) from now until April 4. Check it out right here.

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