War of the Roses: Kingmaker trailer is chock full of blood and Blessed

War of the Roses

Paradox are making full use of their quota of Brian Blessed, as they damn well should, throwing his warm, loin-shaking voice into as many promotional videos as they can release to the internet. The latest video gets down to the basics of what makes War of the Roses such an endearing arena kill’em’up: buckets of blood and uncomfortable-to-watch stabbings.

War of the Roses: Kingmaker is to be the newly-titled full-featured release of War of the Roses, it adds Brian Blessed to the game as an match announcer. He will be bellowing out updates about flag captures and particularly gruesome kills, all in character as Richard Neville, the Early of Warwick, better known as ‘The Kingmaker’. It also contains all the DLC released thus far and brings to the game a new mode, Assault.

It’s essentially a gold edition of the game, something to entice those who’ve yet jumped into the medieval battlefield.

However, if you’ve already bought a copy of War of the Roses, be heartened to know that Assault and Blessed will be added to all versions of the game. It is the catch-up on all DLC which is the main draw of Kingmaker.

Kingmaker is due to hit shows tomorrow, 21 March.

Thanks, PC Gamer.