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War Thunder needs you! Sign up for free and get a premium vehicle

There’s never been a better time to jump into War Thunder, and you can get some free goodies if you sign up now

There’s never been a better time to jump into War Thunder, the highly popular free-to-play war game from Gaijin Entertainment that lets you team up and fight battles across land, sea, and air, all within the same match.

Forget World of Tanks – this is World of Everything, and if you’ve ever wondered what the game’s like, Gaijin is running a special offer for new players to reward your curiosity. If you sign up via this link – again, 100% free – then you’ll get three days of premium account membership free of charge, and your pick of one premium tank, aircraft, or ship to help you get started.

Premium account membership grants you additional XP and Silver Lions from matches, which will help you clear those early levels more quickly. Silver Lions are used to purchase equipment, new regular vehicles, and repair and resupply your vehicles between matches, so you’ll need a lot of it. You’ll be able to choose from three Tier 1 premium vehicles to start you on your War Thunder journey, including the Pz. IIC DAK tank, and the Flegel Bf 109A.

War Thunder recently received its huge ‘New Power’ update, which brought an upgraded engine, new vehicles, new progression systems, and even a Battle Pass.

Play for Free

As a quick aside, the vehicle you choose will be linked to your account location. Should you wish to choose another vehicle, selecting an alternative language will allow you to choose another vehicle linked to another region.

So to recap: new players will get three days premium account membership and a free premium vehicle of their choice. Sound good?

War Thunder is available to play right now on PC for free.