War Thunder’s Cold Steel update turns down the thermostat and adds 20 new vehicles

War Thunder Cold Steel

A herd of tanks stops in its tracks, a flock of planes cease pecking at carrion – something’s happening in War Thunder. It’s nothing to worry about, though. War Thunder’s just been hit with a massive update.

Cold Steel throws a whopping 20 new vehicles, air and ground, into the mix, and the first winter map, set in Finland, can now be fought in by lots of angry tanks.

A new map, new missions for aircraft, both realistic and arcade, and lots of changes to things like damage and flight models, weapons and ammo –Cold Steel is a mighty big update.

There’s more, too, in the form of a new game mode: Enduring Confrontation. Expect long battles, as players will have unlimited respawns and victory can only be achieved by completing the objective stated at the start of the match. “[P]otentially the game can last for hours,” says Gaijin Entertainment.

Check out the full patch notes here.

Cold Steel is live now. Not playing Warthunder yet? Try it here.

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