Warframe Update 8 lays the foundations for user-created levels


As our Tim pointed out in his Warframe review, the game is a space oddity. A bewilderingly popular co-op shooter, it swiftly becomes as tired as my Kubrick joke thanks to some disastrous level design. But by handing the keys to the construction yard to its 2,000,000-strong userbase in a new update, however, developers Digital Extremes might just have taken a big step toward solving their biggest problem.

In this, the first iteration of Warframe’s new Build feature, player architects can plot the layout of Clan Dojos – large community safe-houses used for weapons research and training, created using members’ in-game resources.

Digital Extremes plan to give these design tools much broader application in future updates by adding new construction and customisation options.

Also in Update 8, players will find two new location sets: the Grineer Galleon, space submarine-themed environments home to new enemies with a penchant for dismemberment, and the Orokin Void, where players will storm (and if they’re successful, plunder) the trap-ridden towers of a long-gone race.

Elsewhere there are 22 new weapons, including biological toxins and high-impact explosives, and one new warframe: the Vauban trapper.

Are you one of those responsible for putting Warframe in the upper echelons of the Steam most-played list? What do you like about it?