New Warframe Gyre will shock players next month

Angels of the Zariman arrives next month, and so does new Warframe Gyre.

New Warframe Gyre arrives next month with Angels of the Zariman.

The new Warframe expansion Angels of the Zariman will launch next month, according to developer Digital Extremes, and it’ll bring with it a new ‘frame too – the graceful Gyre, an electricity-based character, who will bring a bit of ballet to the live-service ninja game.

Warframe is already one of the best multiplayer games on PC, and it’s set to become even more expansive with the release of the game’s “direct follow-up” to last year’s The New War expansion. Digital Extremes has now confirmed in its latest developer live stream that Angels of the Zariman will drop next month, April 2022.

The expansion is set aboard the Zariman Ten Zero ship, which was introduced in New War. It will feature a new main quest, new missions, and a new social hub called the Chrysalith – the first of its type in Warframe, where players can “seamlessly access procedural missions without load screens”. There will be numerous NPCs to talk to and trade with, and players can even get their own customisable apartments on the Zariman.

Of course, the really big draw is the new ‘frame Gyre. She will feature electricity-themed abilities, although Digital Extremes says she will be “very different” from Warframe’s main lightning user Volt. “We don’t want to do Volt 2.0” explains senior game designer Pablo Alonso, who describes Gyre’s abilities as more “Tesla-like” and “very, very unique”.

Here’s the brief first look trailer for Angels of the Zariman, with another look at Gyre.

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Angels of the Zariman and Gyre will release for Warframe in April.