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Warframe preps for Heart of Deimos with - oh God no

Warframe's getting squicky

Warframe‘s next major expansion, Heart of Deimos, is scheduled to launch later this month. For now, the game’s gotten an update to preview what’s coming and – oh no. I already regret putting that image in above. You can now look at the Helminth in greater detail if you enjoy nightmares, but the update also includes a notable shift to Orokin Derelicts and a nog change to the end-of-mission UI.

The Helminth Infirmary has gotten a visual upgrade for far more upsettingly oral, fleshy imagery. You’ll still need a Cyst or the Nidus frame to enter the infirmary but, well, now there’s a giant, nasty mouth to gape at. What… fun?

The Orokin Derelicts have moved as part of this update. You’ll now find the nodes in orbit around Mars, and there they’ll no longer require keys. You’ll get back the credit and resource costs for any keys in your inventory. Once the Heart of Deimos release date hits, the derelict nodes will be rolled into Deimos. You’ll still be able to get the appropriate Steel Path rewards by completing Deimos.

This update also introduces a reworked end-of-mission UI as part of the broader UI rework. The new screen adds sorting options and a search bar for rewards, as well as a medal system to showcase smaller mission achievements.

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You can get full details on the official forums. If you’re looking for further multiplayer games until Heart of Deimos arrives on August 25, you can follow that link.