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Warframe dev stream details next cinematic quest and brand new Prime

Warframe's unceasing content machine rolls on with Jade Shadows and a new Prime and fans won't have to wait long to get their hands on them.

Warframe dev stream details next cinematic quest and brand new Prime: Protea Prime comes at the viewer, with three electromagnetic balls hovering around her.

Over a decade on from its launch Warframe has become an utter juggernaut with regular content releases, updates, and more keeping it firmly installed on hard drives around the world. Today’s Devstream 179 showed eager Warframe players a peek at some of what’s coming for the game, from a new Prime to the brand new cinematic update which will be hitting the game soon titled Jade Shadows.

Warframe has fully transformed itself over the years, going from a middling launch to one of the best free PC games you can play. Now, it’s about to take the plunge into another deep pool of content with the release of the upcoming Jade Shadows update. Following up on story threads planted all the way back in 2015’s Second Dream main quest, it will feature the return of everyone’s favorite enigmatic Tenno-hater, The Stalker.

In addition to unleashing a whole new cinematic quest on players, the Jade Shadows update will also unpack a ton of activities and items  to unlock. During today’s Twitch stream Warframe developer Digital Extremes showed off an a new mission type, a ship cosmetic skin based on The Stalker, new TennoGen items, and a new Clan Operation called Belly of the Beast.

The brand new Warframe, Jade, stands facing away from the viewer, drapes trailing behind her.

Central to this update will be the introduction of Jade, the 57th Warframe and the song of devastation. This new Warframe has been designed with angelic choral arrangements as inspiration, with Jade’s weapons embodying the ideals of Love, Hope, and Wonder. With her metal form softened with flowing drapes reminiscent of an angel’s wings, Jade promises to bring a different feel to the game.

That wasn’t all Digital Extremes has to offer, fans will soon be able to get their hands on the powerful Prime form of Protea. The chrono-gadgeteer is getting an upgrade with a ton of technological devices which will see Protea Prime controlling time, tossing out grenades, blasting foes with plasma, and much more.

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Those looking for more information regarding the time-hopping Warframe: 1999 were rewarded with a few examples of concept art for Aoi, Arthur, and the ’90s inspired Atomicycle. If you’re looking to get more info on this upcoming last-millennia adventure Digital Extremes will reveal more details during TennoCon’s keynote livestream on Saturday, July 20.

It’s definitely an exciting time for Warframe players with a big new serving of content about to hit the game. Protea Prime will be available from Wednesday, May 1 while Jade Shadows will be hitting the game in June.

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