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Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion joins Warframe Whispers in the Walls

In likely what is a wish come true for Warframe's Rebecca Ford, the man behind Baldur's Gate 3's Astarion has joined Whispers in the Walls.

Baldur's Gate 3's Astarion joins Warframe Whispers in the Walls: A huge fish creature with red scales and glowing blue eyes wearing a golden crown in a huge tank with a frown on its face

Back at TennoCon 2023 (that seems like a lifetime ago), Warframe creative director Rebecca Ford and I bonded over our love of Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion – and, of course, our subsequent rejection. So imagine my face when I saw images of Ford and Neil Newbon, Astarion’s voice actor, on her Twitter, accompanying the announcement that everyone’s favorite vampire will join Final Fantasy 16’s Ben Starr as part of Whispers in the Wall’s cast.

My jaw was, very much, on the floor. Announced ahead of The Game Awards, Baldur’s Gate 3’s Neil Newbon and Final Fantasy 16’s Ben Starr will be joining the cast of Warframe‘s upcoming expansion, Whispers in the Walls.

While we’ve not got much information precisely what they’re up to in Entrati’s mysterious underground laboratory complex, a recent press release from Digital Extremes confirms which characters Newbon and Starr are playing in the ninja game.

Shaking off his vampiric boots, Newbon will play Fibonacci, the leader of the obscure ‘Cavia’ Syndicate, who will no doubt play a leading role in our Whispers in the Walls journey. We don’t have anymore information than that, but a tweet from Newbon shows a large, vaguely grumpy looking fish (the one we see in the header for this article) who I reckon may just be Fibonacci.

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Starr, on the other hand, is trading one sword for another to take on the role of Arthur in Warframe 1999, Digital Extremes’ upcoming update that we referred to as “Metal Gear Solid meets Dark Sector.”

To borrow DE CEO Steve Sinclair’s words in that very same interview, Arthur is a “handsome hunk” I’ve been dying to meet – and knowing he’s voiced by FFXVI’s Clive makes things even more exciting.

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So while Ford had some harsh words to say about Astarion (hell hath no fury, after all), I think these vocal choices are absolutely perfect. The world of Warframe is oftentimes incredibly lavish and overly opulent, and Newbon’s acting style fits that perfectly. 1999, however, has the same grittiness of FF16, which obviously suits Starr.

We’ll find out more tonight during The Game Awards, and tuning in on Twitch will net you a free Warframe to add to your collection – and it looks amazing.

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