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Snag a free Warframe for your collection with Twitch Drops

As the Whispers in the Walls update arrives, you can get a complete, built Sevagoth Warframe as a free reward for watching The Game Awards.

The Warframe Whispers in the Walls update is set to kick off the free game’s next big story arc in December, and with a major unveiling of what we can expect at The Game Awards, you’ll be well rewarded for tuning in to watch. With a free Warframe up for grabs, you can get your hands on another suit for your collection and check out what the future of the multiplayer RPG looks like simultaneously.

Developer Digital Extremes calls Whispers in the Walls “the beginning of an epic new narrative arc for Warframe” that’s set to answer some of the big questions we’ve had since the very early days of the RPG game. It will also see the long-awaited arrival of Warframe cross-save and cross-progression, although community director Megan Everett notes that this will be rolling out in phases.

At The Game Awards on Thursday December 7, Everett and Warframe creative director Rebecca Ford will appear to showcase Warframe Whispers in the Walls. Naturally, we’ll be watching, and so will most Warframe enthusiasts – but if you need a little extra encouragement, how about the promise of a free Warframe to add to your collection?

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That’s right, just for watching the announcement live you’ll be granted a free, built Sevagoth Warframe. Accompanied by his shadow, Sevagoth the Specter of Death is a fine addition to your arsenal, capable of dealing heavy damage and ensnaring enemies while building up souls to unleash his exalted shadow form and tear your foes apart with devastating melee attacks.

Even better, you’ll become the shadow upon death, able to harvest enemy souls to rebuild Sevagoth’s tombstone and bring him back to life. That combination makes him a reliable option that’s great to take into any missions you’re a little unsure about. He’s also got that delightful edge to him with some gorgeous skill effects, and it’s always nice to have your shadow pal about – even if he can give you the occasional jump scare.

Warframe - Sevagoth the Specter of Death, a purple and white Warframe with giant claws and a large 'Shadow' appearing behind him.

Warframe Twitch Drops – The Game Awards 2023

To claim your free Sevagoth Warframe, you’ll need to watch The Game Awards live on Twitch for 30 consecutive minutes. The show begins Tuesday December 7 at 4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST (Wednesday December 8 at 12:30am GMT). You’ll need to link your Warframe and Twitch accounts prior to the show. Additional details on the giveaway are available via the Warframe website.

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