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Build your own Warframe battleship in the Rising Tide update

The Warframe Rising Tide update is out now to prepare players for the big Empyrean expansion.

The next big step in Digital Extremes’ free-to-play space shooter Warframe is the Empyrean expansion, which still doesn’t have a release date other than 2020, but it’s looking incredibly exciting – and now the game has taken a medium step toward Empyrean with the Warframe Rising Tide update, which is has just launched.

Indeed, the tagline for this update is “prepare for Empyrean”, but Rising Tide is a big update for Warframe in its own right. For starters, you can build you own giant battleship. You can work yourself, or in a clan, to build the Dry Dock – described as an “all-in-one workshop and garage” for the giant Railjack battleship.

After the Dry Dock is completed, you’ll be sent on a series of missions throughout the Origin system – orchestrated by a reluctant AI called Cephalon Cy – to gather parts for the Railjack. Once constructed, you’ll be able to take the Railjack into battle in Empyrean – as well as customize it outside of missions with new weapons, parts and mods.

Rising Tide will also help you upgrade the Liset landing craft so as to further prepare you (and it) for the colossal ship battles and planet landings in Empyrean – although they do all seem to be cosmetic in this particular update, including enhanced lighting and a “moonroof”. Got to have a moonroof in your personal ship.

While everything we’ve described so far can be earned in-game, there will also be a new set of weapons, armour and cosmetics called the Cumulus Collection – which is available to buy now in the Warframe marketplace, along with new skins for Equinox.

When Empyrean launches, it’ll add multi-ship crews, massive space battles between these Railjack warships, ship boarding, and a lot more. Rising Tide is just the first step, and it’s available right now on PC. Go play.