Here’s Super Mario 64’s castle remade in Warframe

Players are getting creative with the game's Dojos

Like all Nintendo games we’ll probably never see on PC, Mario has a habit of popping up here and there thanks to various modders. We usually see the jumpy plumber in Minecraft, but someone did release an unofficial Super Mario 64 port earlier this year. Now, though, some people have brought the spirit of Mario to Warframe – kind of.

Some Warframe players decked out their Dojo to look like Princess Peach’s castle from Mario 64 and shared it on Reddit with added sound effects, too – It’s magnificent. Everything operates on a Warframe theme, of course, but it’s still surreal hearing the poppy chiptunes and sound design of Mario meshed with the eldritch sci-fi of Warframe. That said, I did get a kick out of seeing a chonky Tenno hop out a pipe and tumble towards the castle as if they had the intention of saving Princess Peach. That’s enough internet for me for one day.

There’s a certain surprise at the end of the Reddit clip, too, but we’ll leave it to you to discover that for yourself – make sure your sound is on for the full experience.

You can check it out in all its splendour down below, or in Vash Cowaii’s YouTube video for a more focused look.

I’ve built a full scale Princess Peach’s castle from Mario 64 in my dojo. IT’S A ME…umm from Warframe

Creating a dojo for yourself can be a tad complicated. When you make a clan, you’ll be given the blueprint for a Dojo Key. You can forge it in your foundry, but it’ll set you back 1500 Credits, one Morphic, 500 Ferrite, and 500 Polymer Bundles. It takes 12 hours to complete, too, but you can hurry it along by parting ways with ten Platinum to get it right away.

Once that’s done, just head to your Star Chart to find your clan menu and Dojo. Decorating may take some time to get to grips with, but it’s undoubtedly worth it to mash Warframe up with whatever game takes your fancy.