Warframe TennoCon 2022 announces charity partner Indspire

Digital Extremes has announced that its Warframe TennoCon 2022 event will be partnering with Indspire, a charity helping further Indigenous education in Canada

Warframe TennoCon 2022 charity partnership with Indspire

Digital Extremes has announced that the charity that it will be raising money for during this year’s Warframe TennoCon 2022 event will be Indspire. Digital Extremes has a history of raising awareness for and helping to fund various social justice organisations through partnerships over the years. This year’s partner is Indspire, a certified charity focused on providing benefits for Indigenous education efforts within Canada.

Digital Extremes says that it is “proud to make a donation of $200,000 to the organisation providing relief efforts and assistance to Indigenous youth in Ontario.” A portion of each sale for this year’s Digital Pack for TennoCon 2022, which offers a selection of goodies for the RPG game, will also be going towards Indspire.

The TennoCon 2022 Digital Pack includes:

  • TennoCon 2022 Operator and Drifter Suit Bundle
  • TennoCon 2022 Armour Bundle
  • TennoCon 2022 Sugatra
  • TennoCon 2022 Display
  • TennoCon 2022 Emote
  • TennoCon 2022 Glyph
  • TennoCon 2022 Sigil
  • 475 Platinum
  • Access to Baro Ki’Teer’s TennoCon Relay

The Baro Ki’Teer TennoCon Relay lets players trade in Ducats to purchase anything Baro has ever sold, and it will be live from July 16 at 8am PT / 11 am ET / 4pm BST to July 23 at 8am PT / 11 am ET / 4pm BST. Full details on the pack and how to purchase it can be found on the Warframe TennoCon 2022 site.

Over the past year, more and more Indigenous children’s graves are being discovered – alongside reports covered on the news about marginalised Indigenous students in Canadian residential schools. As reported by Digital Extremes, Indspire is “a Canadian organisation working to raise the percentage of Indigenous youth entering and graduating from post-secondary education institutions.” More information on Indspire, its programs, and its events can be found on its website.

Speaking on the plethora of more recently detailed broadcasts regarding residential schools inside Canada, where the Indigenous communities of Canada are among the most marginalised, Warframe’s creative director Rebecca Ford says, “It’s a disaster what has happened. The genocide from [Canadian history] – there has never been an easy time to be an Indigenous person in Canada. We wanted to support an Indigenous community [for this year’s TennoCon].”

Ford continues, “Indspire is so amazing and we were really able to get a partnership going. That was really important to us.”