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The new Warframe is here, and he’s perfect

Dante, the master of reality's pages, is coming soon to Warframe, and we now know what he looks like and what his Exalted Weapon can do.

Dante, the new Warframe

The first Warframe Devstream of 2024 has delivered plenty of intriguing details ahead of the game’s big update in March, including a first look at the 56th Warframe, Dante. Let’s just say, Dante sounds pretty damn epic, and so does his trademark attack move.

The imaginative and vibrant world of Warframe is rich in exhilarating action, mind-blowing visuals, and formidable characters. There is always something new to discover in this third-person shooter game, and that endless creativity makes it one of the best PC games, especially if you like your adventures with a fantastical twist.

We can’t wait for the next update to this already brilliant game, and thanks to the latest Warframe Devstream from Digital Extremes, we know that March 2024 is going to bring gamers a new character, as well as a rework for one iconic Warframe, and the return of a hugely popular in-game tool.

Of course, we always want the new, shiny things, so let’s dive into what Dante is all about. Described as the “master of reality’s pages,” Dante is the star of the Dante Unbound update, and has been created with the “classic-MMO caster classes” in mind. He comes equipped with his own Exalted Weapon, called Noctua, and Warframe 56 is capable of destroying his enemies by “pelting them with spectral pages and covering them in countless cursed paper cuts.”

If exploring new Warframe builds is something you’d rather avoid, then you’re in luck: Warframe Inaros is getting some tweaks in the upcoming update, with a view to delivering a “long-awaited rework” on the character.

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And finally, Warframe users will be delighted to hear that TennoGen will be back in the latest update to the action-adventure game. With “freshly approved submissions” and “new purchasable cosmetic items,” in addition to an updated style guide, this treasure trove of community created content should be better than ever.

If all this has got you craving a return to the world of Warframe, then you’d better check out our guide to Warframe on Steamdeck, or find out the Warframe system requirements you’ll need to get the best out of the game. Or, you can find similar games with our list of the best ninja games.

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