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Is Warframe Steam Deck compatible?

Playing Warframe on the go has never been easier as it earned the highest possible rating from Valve for compatability with the Steam Deck.

Warframe Steam Deck compatability

Is Warframe Steam Deck compatible? Any developer who can proudly boast more than a decade of activity with a live-service title knows how to keep up with the market. Warframe is a game that doesn’t necessarily scream ‘play me on a handheld’, yet the current trend of optimizing games for devices like the Steam Deck ensures no one ever feels limited with their experience.

The Warframe System requirements call for 50GB in storage space to be free, so make sure you have one of the best MicroSD cards for Steam Deck to prevent any installation conundrums. Games like Warframe tend to grow over time with updates, so it’s best to be prepared.

Is Warframe Steam Deck compatible?

Yes! Warframe is not only compatible with the Steam Deck, but it holds a rating of Verified, the highest possible that Valve can bestow upon a game.

To earn a Verified rating like Warframe, a game must pass all four parameters set by Valve. These include the in-game text being legible, the default graphics performing well on the Steam Deck, all functionality being accessible when using the default controller configuration, and the game showing Steam Deck-specific controller icons.

All of these checks are in place to make sure a game runs well on the Steam Deck, and no additional input is needed to get the game performing as expected. If a game is Verified, you rest easy that there are no hidden tricks or workarounds needed to enjoy your time with it on the Steam Deck.

A Verified rating isn’t rare by any means, but it does show that the developer is committed to making its game as enjoyable as possible on the move.  If a game falls short of any of the requirements, it typically falls into the Playable category. If none of the parameters are met – or the game is yet to be tested – it will not be given a rating at all.

Games that aren’t on Steam can also be played on the Steam Deck, take World of Warcraft as an example, but a lot of extra steps are needed to get it running. With Warframe, no such hassle is needed.

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