Warframe Veilbreaker newcomer Styanax is free in September

Warframe Veilbreaker new character Styamax will be free for a short time once the robot MMO game's new expansion launches in September

Warframe Veilbreaker Styamax: A man in a metal suit stands in the middle of a large green fire

Digital Extremes is offering the new Warframe Veilbreaker character Styamax for free during September as part of the new Veilbreaker expansion‘s launch celebration in the MMO game. Styamax is a milestone in himself, as he’s the 50th playable Warframe to land in Digital Extremes’ mecha MMO since the game first launched in 2013.

Digital Extremes first unveiled Styamax in a new animated short that highlights a bit of what to expect from the upcoming character. Styamax is based on the warrior Astyanax who, in Greek mythology, was the son of Hector of Troy, murdered by Achilles’ son out of fear that Astyamax would rally the broken people of Troy and rebuild the city. Styamax faces no such legendary trials, but he does feature some of his namesakes’ attributes.

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Digital Extremes says Styamax is a “mighty and herculean Warframe” with immense power. He wields a mighty javelin that pushes enemies back on hit and a shield attack that reduces enemy defenses and restores Styamax’s own health. Another of Styamax’s skills sees him hurl a volley of javelins to damage multiple enemies in a broad area.

Finally is a handy support skill where Styamax restores ally health and shields with a mighty cry.

The dev team didn’t say when players can claim Styamax or how to go about doing it, just that the period will be brief and starts when Veilbreaker launches.

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