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Warframe’s fifth birthday will see a “free bonanza” of anniversary items


This year is going to be a big one for Digital Extremes as it marks the fifth anniversary of Warframe and the 25th birthday of the developers themselves. 

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This March marks the fifth birthday of Warframe. To celebrate, the developers will be giving away free anniversary-themed items to all of the game’s players.

“We always do a sort of free bonanza of thematically skinned anniversary items and we, actually on Friday, teased the concept art for this year’s item,” Warframe’s live ops and community director Rebecca Ford explains. “The past four years we’ve given something completely free and this year we’re doing an excalibur skin that every player will get for free during our anniversary window in March on all platforms.”

Last year, for Warframe’s fourth anniversary, Digital Extremes gifted players four free items during a four-day event. This year, the event may run longer.

“Now that we’re in our fifth year we’ve sort of extended it by a day for every year, so it’s probably going to be five days or so of getting the free stuff but it’s not confirmed yet,” Ford says.

Warframe’s fifth anniversary event will take place this March.