Warframe’s open-world update is centred on a single coastal town

Warframe, Plains of Eidolon, Cetus

In its next update, Warframe is getting an open-world zone, leaving behind the tight sci-fi corridors it’s become known for. The first zone will give players access to The Plains of Eidolon, a “vast coastal landscape.”

Here’s everything we know about Plains of Eidolon.

Digital Extremes, Warframe’s developers, announced the news officially during its livestream, but we spoke with live ops and community producerRebecca Ford about it further. You can read that in our full feature.

The update, due out later this year, will radically change Warframe. Instead of running raids on space stations, you’ll have access to a region filled with quests for you to discover and complete at your own pace. In Eidolon, you’ll find a coastal town called Cetus, where 50 players can come and play together. The town is populated by the Ostrons, a group of scavenger people.

“These people are the casualties of war from what everyone’s been doing,” Ford says. “They’re the ones who are trying to survive despite the horrible things that have been going on around them with these factions that are warmongers, exploiting trade, whatever. These are the ones you’ve been working to protect unknowingly. Your actions have allowed them to flourish and build this scavenger outpost.”

According to Ford, Cetus will look like nothing Warframe players have seen in-game before: “it’s a new race of people, it’s a new type of lifestyle – very ‘scavenger’. They harvest the flesh of what turns out to be organic structures. You’ve been playing in this environment that’s this beautiful porcelain wrapped environment, but it turns out it’s actually alive.”