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Warframe’s latest Plains of Eidolon trailer shows open-world combat, fishing, and tree mechs

warframe plains of eidolon trailer

Warframe has been teasing its upcoming Plains of Eidolon update for ages now, which will add a massive open world zone complete with a day and night cycle and loads of opportunities for exploration.

Looking for more on Warframe’s next big update? Here’s everything that’s coming with Plains of Eidolon.

Digital Extremes have unveiled a new trailer for the update, showing off the new area, along with fishing and some sniping of hapless woodland critters. Also, some combat against significantly less hapless enemies, including a what can only be described as a giant tree mech.

The new area of Eidolon will also be contributing significantly to the lore of the Warframe universe, including a new alien language with its own script – which, of course, the internet deciphered in only a handful of days.

In addition to the trailer, Digital Extremes have been showing off loads more new content via their official Twitch channel, which you can check out below.