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Warframe’s Jovian Concord launches next week, alongside Wisp

We've got a (vague) release date for both the Jovian Concord and Wisp

Digital Extremes has been teasing the next big Warframe update – The Jovian Concord – for a while now, and now we finally know when to expect it. The free update launches on PC next week, and it will bring the Gas City rework, new missions, and a big new boss to the game alongside the 40th Warframe, Wisp.

The Gas City rework redesigns the Jupiter tileset to match with the advanced movement options that have come to Warframe over the years. More than just a visual update, the new terrain gives you fresh ways to parkour yourself around the environment “along floating stations, distant platforms, crossbars, antennas, and more.” You can see some of the changes in detail through the teaser trailer.

Wisp also arrives in this update, and she’s got a pack of abilities aimed at supporting allies. She can create reservoirs filled with motes than can heal allies, speed up teammates, or stun enemies. She can send out a spectral image of herself to distract enemies with Wil-O-Wisp, and she can teleport to its final position.

There’s also Breach Surge, which overwhelms enemies with interdimensional energy, and Sol Gate, which brings shoots out solar beams straight from the sun itself.

You can see plenty of those abilities in action through the new trailer above.

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We don’t have an exact date for the Jovian Concord just yet, but it’s coming very soon – expect the launch to come sometime on or before May 24.