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Wargroove will let you make fully moddable campaigns with branching paths

wargroove mod support

You might better remember Wargroove as “that game that looks a whole lot like Advance Wars.” Of course, it’s been so long since the last game in that franchise that it’s tough not to be excited about something – really, anything – picking up the lineage. But Wargroove seems to be pretty cool regardless.

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Part of what it’s so cool about it is the game’s full campaign editor, which is apparently the same tool the developers used to make the dozen campaigns in the stock game. Speaking with PC Gamer, Chucklefish have revealed revealed there’s even more to the tool than that, since the game’s mod support will work with the campaign editor to allow users to make even more wildly creative scenarios.

With the editor and mods working in tandem, Finn Brice says “the artists will be able to make their new skins, new characters, but then they’ll go into the Campaign Editor which doesn’t require any programming or anything else and make a whole campaign and branching stories and even their own mechanics to some extent around their mod, so it can really go without much programming work in any sort of direction, and that’s really, really exciting.”

Whether or not you’ve got the technical or artistic chops to mod out and really customize your campaign, you will be able to make intricate trees of options affecting what conditions each map ends on and how you progress forward. You can build a campaign where wins and losses move you in different directions, or where the life and death of particular units can change where you go forward.

It all makes for a very exciting set of possibilities – as if a spiritual return of pocket-sized strategy wasn’t enough. Wargroove is due out in the first half of 2018.