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Dawn of War 3 ditches its in-game currency

dawn of war 3 in-game currency removed

Relic announced this week that the Skull currency has been removed from Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III. The currency had been tied to unlocking Elites, strong units that gain power over the course of matches in single- and multiplayer, as well as doctrines, which serve as upgrades for various units.

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All content will be unlocked for every player, with “the exception of Elite level and campaign progression rewards.” So you can go into battle as you will.

“We had intended for the Skull system to introduce pacing to the multiplayer experience,” says Relic, “but we didn’t want this to come at the cost of barring advanced play styles to those ready to tackle them.”

It’s worth making extra clear that Skulls were purely an in-game currency, with no associated microtransactions. Yet the bar to immediately accessing all of the game’s strategic depth rubbed many fans the wrong way, so it’s good to see the issue addressed here.

Of course, if Steam reviews are anything to go by (yes, I know), there are a laundry list of issues long time DoW fans have with the latest entry, so we’ll see how it goes in the long run. Steam Workshop and improved mod support have offered a decent first step.