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Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 is getting a beta, and you can apply

Focus Interactive shocks fans by announcing a Space Marine 2 beta, meaning you may be able to play the next Warhammer 40k game a little bit early.

A hulking man in blue and gold armor with a sword with chainsaw elements rushes enemies off screen to the left

With Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 making quite the impact with its appearance at Gamescom 2023, publisher Focus Interactive has kept the hype train rolling with their August 30 ‘extended gameplay’ showcase, giving fans a good look at Saber Interactive’s entrance into the world of Warhammer 40k games. As expected, Focus Interactive showed off more than just gameplay, revealing that a Space Marine 2 beta is on the horizon.

It feels like every day we’re learning more about this game. If its not from our own Gamescom interview with the creative director of Saber Interactive, then its the snippets of gameplay we’ve been shown over the past week or so. Everything we’ve learned is only getting us more excited, and this latest announcement is the best yet.

Focus Interactive has revealed that Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 will have a beta release. When? Unfortunately, that remains a mystery.

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During the extended gameplay stream, we got to see Titus in his full glory, using Saber Interactive’s newly developed ranged melee hybrid combat system. While at times the combat looked a little stiff, the gameplay has me (and no doubt swathes of other 40k fans) on the edge of my seat. We even got to see a plasma pistol in action, and boy does it look nasty.

You can sign up for your chance to dive into the Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 beta here, and I suggest offering up some prayers to the Emperor to ensure you get one of those coveted spots.

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