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Age of Sigmar Realms of Ruin lets you build your own maps

With the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Realms of Ruin release date on the horizon, Frontier has shown off the game's new map build feature, and it's awesome.

Age of Sigmar Realms of Ruin lets you build your own maps: A skeleton with green fire blazing from its head rides a horse wearing a skeletal mask in a snowy mountain area

As we draw ever closer to the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Realms of Ruin release date, Frontier has shown off the strategy game‘s Map Build and Army Livery features, which are both perfect for tabletop enthusiasts. Age of Sigmar Realms of Ruin is taking customization to the next level, and I’m beyond excited.

In a new gameplay-focused trailer, Frontier has shown off Realms of Ruin’s Map Builder, which allows you to build custom multiplayer terrain for you and your friends to duke it out on.

You can tailor everything from the map’s size to the biome it takes place in – so you can create a huge sprawling desert expanse, but have some mountains frame the action to provide high-ground for incoming troops, or sheltered, secluded spots to let your Stormcast Eternals regroup.

That’s not all, though, as you can also customize how your armies look. Using the Army Livery tool, you’ll be able to select from some familiar Citadel-inspired colors. Imagine an army of Khorne Red orruks in Abbadon Black armor rushing a rainbow-colored Stormcast Eternal army – now that would be cool.

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To truly capture the majesty of your newly created battleground, you can use the game’s Scene Editor, which allows you to position different units on a whim so that you can create stunning dioramas. It’s the perfect way to showcase your creativity, and I can imagine I’ll be spending a lot of time mixing, matching, and, of course, posing.

After all, I only recently started building Warhammer (40k, though, don’t sue me) so I don’t have a full army to do this with at the moment. I love watching singular, random pieces of plastic transform into my heroes, villains, and everything in between, and Realms of Ruin is really channeling that OG tabletop experience. I really can’t wait to dive in and give it a shot – especially now that the Nighthaunt has been added.

Until then, though, you can catch me playing all of the Warhammer games on our extensive list while I dream about the Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 release date – those Tyranids ain’t gonna slay themselves, after all.