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Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide’s third character trailer shows off the Empire Soldier


We’ve got another brand new Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide trailer for you, this time showcasing the armoured Empire Soldier, Markus Kruber, who goes in sword swinging and comes out covered in rat blood. With an arsenal of five seperate melee weapons, he’s deadly and versatile up close, swinging hammers, swords and shields around like they’re going out of style. Which they kind of are, because these rat men infesting the city don’t even wear armour. He’s a defender of good style more than anything else.

This is the third exclusive look we’ve had at Vermintide, following on from the the Witch Hunter and Waywatcher. It breaks the W streak, but we’ll still have two more of these going up in the coming weeks, so make sure to subscribe to our Youtube if you’d like to see more.

As for Markus, he’s an old warrior who was the only survivor when his regiment was massacred. Blaming incompetent leadership for the losses, he left the army and became an independent contractor. That’s how he met the Witcher Hunter and came under his service and why he’s not stuck in this Skaven-infested hellhole fighting for his life. He’s not made the best career moves, it has to be said.

In combat he wants to be swinging those deadly weapons around, but has just as much punch from his Blunderbuss and Repeater Handgun is close-range engagement with, say, a Rat Ogre isn’t looking like the soudest tactical move. His breadth of options mean he can take an offensive, AoE approach with wide sweeps of his hammer, a defense tanking posture or anything in between.

His full backstory and more info over on the official page. The game’s out on October 23rd, via Steam.

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